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πŸŒ™ universal intui-tarot reading ~ $35

this reading is a good fit for those who don't have a question in mind, and are looking for a forecast of your life of the now! i intuitively pull cards to read your energies, strengths, areas of awareness, and other ~*vibez*~ that are influencing your life, for better or for worse. these readings differ from human-to-human, and will vary between 4 to 8 cards.

πŸŒ™ earthly intui-tarot reading ~ $35

so, you're looking for generalized guidance, but regarding situations with a more earthly presence. this can be anything like your occupation, family/friends/love, financial folly, and anything that creates a foundation in your tangible existence. go for this reading! - myself and the cards will provide an intuitive update on relevant energies, forces, actions, humans, obstacles, etc. that influence your topic of choice. these readings differ from human-to-human, and will vary between 4 to 8 cards.

πŸŒ™ pensive & peculiar intui-tarot reading ~ $40

have a specific question in mind that requires a bit of extra guidance and perceptive focus? this is likely the reading for you! your question can be as vague or precise as you desire - as long as you give me a basic concept to work with, this reading will be just peachy! these readings will be a bit more in depth as i will be sure to cover the energies, relationships, choices, obstacles, beings, etc. that interact with your topic at hand! this will offer more context and clarity than my other varied spread readings, and will vary between 7 to 12 cards.


πŸŒ™ one card pull ~ $11.11

need a check-in with the Whole for some brisk and brief guidance? allow me to do a prompt, single-card pull for you! the beauty of this is receiving a quick burst of clarity for whatever query you have in mind.

πŸŒ™ universal three card tarot reading ~ $25

sometimes, one requires a concise and accurate reading regarding your situation. three card readings are a surefire way to get right to the point and communicate clearly about your question. and don't think you'll be losing any information at the cost of extra cards!! three card readings get REAL deep REAL fast! a few examples of popular three card spreads are:
✨ past / present / future
✨ stop / start / continue
✨ mind / body / spirit
✨ option 1 / option 2 / option 3
✨ situation / action / outcome
✨ you / them / the relationship
✨ what i think / what i feel / what i do
... and more! you can choose whatever spread feels best for your situation, or leave it up to me. :o)

🌟 celtic cross tarot spread ~ 10 cards ~ $40

the celtic cross tarot spread is one of the most magickal and commonly read spreads. a universal energy has built up over the years of many divinators using it and familiarizing themselves with the powerful and popular vibes of the celtic cross. it's my ✨go-to spread✨ where i receive a thorough overview of your life of the now (and lil winks of past and future influences). highly recommended for those who are seeking a lil bit of everything - direction, self-love, inspiration, rationality, and perhaps a loving kick in the butt. ;o)


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